Academic Discussion on Impeachment Canceled Due to Hacking

Academic Discussion on Impeachment Canceled Due to Hacking
An academic discussion hosted by Gadjah Mada University Faculty of Law was cancelled due to an account breach of one of the organizers.
Yuswardi A. Suud Sabtu, 30 Mei 2020 - 17:22 WIB - The Constitutional Law Society (CLS) of the Law Faculty at the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) planned a seminar or online discussion that was originally titled "The Issue of Dismissing the President in the Middle of the Pandemic Judging from the State Administration System.” The plan was for the seminar to be held today, on Friday (May 29, 2020).

But controversy soon stirred and the title was changed to "Straightening the Issue of the Termination of the President Judging from the Administrative System."

However, the damage was done. Later, a chain message circulated via WhatsApp that the event was canceled. In fact, according to President of CLS UGM Aditya Halimawan, his party as the committee never sent a message about canceling the discussion.

Aditya said, there was a suspicion that one of the event manager’s WhatsApp accounts had been hacked, then the account was then used to send a message that the seminar was canceled.

The allegedly hacked account is owned by Fisco whose name is listed in the seminar promotion brochure as a contact person to whom potential participants would register.

According to Aditya, UGM CLS has two WhatsApp groups of about 400 people. Fisco’s account that was allegedly taken over by hackers then spread the message that the seminar was canceled. In addition, the hacker also kicked out other admins out of the group, and left Fisco to be lone admin. 

"NOTICE. Due to the negative response from the public regarding the discussion program ‘Forwarding the Issuance of the President's Dismissal in the View of the State Administration System,’ the event has been CANCELED," said the message.

The hacker also ejected members in the group called DILAWAN CLS 1.

“The hacker would kick out every other admin except for Fisco. They hacked Fisco’s account and spread the notice that the event was canceled,” explained Aditya to on Friday (May 29).

Although there are indications of hacking, Adit states that this is only a conjecture. He wants the issue to be known and the discussions to continue. 

CLSFHUGM is the Constitutional Law Community run by students and students of the Faculty of Law UGM. The committee also pointed out that the webinar program was merely a discussion carried out academically and not meant to be a call for treason.

Contacted by 'Authorities'

Dean of the Faculty of Law UGM, Sigit Riyanto said that he is aware of the committee's news of the terror and hacking of the WhatsApp seminar committee number.

Reporting from, Sigit claimed to have received a report that the committee whose number was hacked was contacted by someone claiming to be a police officer. 

Sigit also received news that the house of the Professor of Constitutional Law at the Islamic University of Indonesia (UII) Ni'matul Huda - who was planned to be the speaker of the discussion - was visited by an unknown person on Thursday night (May 28) at 23:00 PM.

"I have heard rumors, but I can't confirm or comment on anything," Sigit said.

After the excitement broke out, the committee finally completely canceled the discussion for security reasons.

Meanwhile, Sigit received a report that Ni'matul Huda's contact number could not be reached last night. Some suspected hacking, but information also spread that says he was terrorized. The committee could only communicate again with Ni'matul Huda this morning.

Controversy erupted once more after one of the lecturers at the Faculty of Engineering at the UGM Graduate School, Bagas Pujilaksono Widyakanigara, highlighted the event in an article. According to him, the discussion was treasonous and must be dealt with firmly.

Sigit himself had hoped that the seminar could still be held despite having to move the platform from Zoom to an alternative.

According to him, there was nothing wrong in holding a discussion about the impeachment of the president as long as it did not violate the law, public order, and ethics of decency. According to him, the discussion was scientific and academic, not political.

Sigit said that the source of the issue was rooted in failure to announce the event to the authorities. In fact, he said, there were no words or ideas of treason behind the discussion. "I hope all parties are more mature, wise, cross-checking, validity is tested before commenting, so it does not cause provocation and distortion."

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